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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  January 12, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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him i came in today and saw them wearing safety glasses of the buttons, off i don't want to be responsible for them getting shot in the eye. you can eat salads and all those things. >> we are heading back down south at the end of the month winter, is coming up tonight for those of you who are not coming,
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>> sorry. >> we will get there shortly after 6:00 o'clock. >> we will have a good time today on the show absolutely fabulous i can't thank them enoughgh for all he is done. a great dr. he is like i do go to. >> with the community there i was visiting frequently myself recently you get to let everyone know you are there. it is
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the dr.. a great place to go right now is over to the kitchen i forgot to tell you look out i brought my jacket for some safety here. you and i both know flavors matter when it comes to a healthy lifestyle we will create a really great simple soup a salty sweet potato s soup. >> when i read that they put a smile on my face what makes sassy? >> we have fresh ginger in ay? here i have taken fresh ginger and peeled and saute ed it with some asian olive oil and some canola oil. >> a lot off people don't buy ginger they get that powdered stuff what a difference when you see this stuff it is really
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it do you peel to upl? >> it is nice and fresh you can throw the wholeou thing in the ed it in a little bit of asian oil just so it is kind of golden and taste. >> a flavor without all longshot very little oil in their and some crisp sweet potatoes here so we have sweet potatoes . >> jump back, jack. cooked in the water with a little bit of honeyit a teaspoon of honey. >> we are not talking sugar we are talking honey here. just a little bit of salt for added flavor. >> she did something really smart here.or it is so much easier to control it makes sense nice andon flat and does not tip over.
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seconds you imagine you come home, and you are really busy and want something great to eat it does not take long at all. look at that. i love this. this is a great one. it is pulverized with the sweet potatoes sweet potatoes is number one on the list all the time.ats it is not the same kind of carbohydrate. it did not just mix it up and up pops a little air in head it and butter flavor. exactly it really marries the flavors to gather. you could start this from scratch and run it for about six
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and it just eats it up. i will have you taste that you could soften up your sweet potatoes like the night before andwe when you come home through the soup together. >> yes and monica while you put your feet up the desert desert yellow and red pepper ones. that is supposed to be the healthy way. >> it is a great way it is. >> when you wake make the
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>> ten minutes at the most and that stores well in the refrigerator. and then you have
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you a lot. also you how to store over had a store over at
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will come back coming up at it called blackbird fly boutique. the name came from my love of the beatles i grew up and have in a beatles friendly family and
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in bands. the beatles were always playing in women's boutique and in the city we carry handcrafted jewelry and we have local items such as candles. we have leather goods. all local 50 percent american-made the other are hand-picked and small quality quantities.e the one thing we strive to do is make sure everything is adequately produced. great pieces anywhere else. i was a hair stylist after that i would pick up a new medium of our while i was a stay-at-home mom. for my own
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me there. my pieces are very modern very geometric i really like the clean lines i love mixed metal i make good use of silver primarily for most pieces you name it we incorporate it into the piece. we are proud of our outerwear o selection it changes constantly this is the line we carry that is retro and styling, a and then also on the other sideer of that we carry lines that are much more modern like this begin the weather jacket. they are all american-made leather bag seasonably reasonably priced. this is part of the new line that came out this fall and winterew we basically have five colors per season, and they only
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see and people collect fees. we have a great exclusive collection of softwarea here at thetw boutique we carry all kinds about 15 bears. these particular ones are handed finished as well as hand hammered. it is something you only find in a true quality made piece of footwear. this is it for me. i kind of feel like iik also like the fact i can be very creative and i get to pick and choose and create what is for people and super special and unique. for me, that is like art. of course i getha to buy jewelry i make people happy. it is a great neighborhood. such a fun can moderate here. i love being back here. i grew up in the just rate sure away as a kid this is an extension of my
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lot of fun. incredibly cute stuff. one of everything. the boutique is on west 28th and ohio city they are open today through sunday so keep that in mind. okay, it is - - this time of year rather can cause some changes in your life it is called mercury retrograde marion will explain all of those to us. it goes through the 25th starting today. travel, plan, buying anything new. t if you
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contracts read at two or three times because it will mess up really, really bad. you can make an appointment, three days later at they call why weren't you hear that is what i mercury retrograde can do for you it is with solomon people who buy houses sign the final paperwork on a mercury retrograde. oh my a house, r they have two seller on not mercury retrograde. >> who started this kind ofd thing? >> astrologers astronomy there is an upside seriously. the last mercury retrograde was december 17 through october 10 if you started something in that time. there went to look for
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do something that was extraordinary and it just did not get off the ground, try it again that now because if that ought to do then, this mercury retrograde will kick it up. whatever you could not do we do in this one and he will probably get what you wanted. >> comedy times a year - - >> about three times a year - -dash how do we find out when f we don't have you as an expert how do we know what is going on? >> it's usually not in the newspaper but if you go to my website we have them all posted she was saying she flew during
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>> it is amazing how it works. it really is.t >> the big purchases no cars. >> timing, if you have elected surgery, try not to do it during a mercury retrograde an emergency surgery what are you going to do, but if you have a choice when you have a next to surgery, the surgery will probably go okay, buter it will take longer to heal because it backs everything at. people just don't realize if you have to buy a car, let somebody else look at the contract beside do because you know, when he reached something and there is a stake in it, every time you read it used to read the e mistake you don't see the difference let somebody else read it for you say you can see see you can see what the problem is. dom i guess they are just right jotting down
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tell with the stars mercury is not the only planet that goes into retrograde. others do too. but mercury is the little bugger. it is the one because of the communications when venus goes retrograde watch out - - that is a real something. >> we will have you back for that because that is a teaser let's talk about that.t. i'm sure people can learn a lot about that possibly during an event you have coming up this sunday. it will be very exciting. the appellations as my cookbook that is 100 recipes dirks in opryland will have them he out me out with recipes from my cookbook. h we are going to go on a goes to tour of the place, and you can actually see it or feel it may be you will see what is going on there. very interesting we have
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think of things in different ways that is for sure. marion, thank you very much still to come - - it is time to get organized we can do that good luck. all right well, if you are doing at we have great
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here we go will come back to new day this of course is a great time of year to get organized
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organization solutions that is a good time to get organized. >> the new year is a good time to exampleme wooden hangers they ruin your sweaters and coats very nice and bright normal what would you use the baskets for? they tip over and they get next
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organized. this item on the wall over here this looks like something youhi might be able to keep. >> exactly this is one of our over the door hangers that is h adjustable for the bigger bottles there is room to move back and forth and how those bottles there. >> uses over a closet door? >> typically in the shower or something like that. >> what's going on over here? >> this is one of our kitchen items a great class banisters with the chalkboard on front so you can write within them. >> and you can see what is in them. >> rate. why hide it inside of something like a deer in the field. >> exactly. get rid of them it back mismatched plastic switch it with the glass in the chalkboard it looks great we also have our silverware cadieux with mason jars it makes it easier to put more stuff in the drawer to it is something thatth is out and ready to go. >> atea right and at this rate
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you have a place to go a keeps it a lot more >> this is the stage? >> you want to make sure you have all your cabinets behind your doors with the kitchen cabinets it expands. so you can put it. inside your kitchen cabinet. >> that way it can hide behind the stuff. >> exactly. >> you can put it back totu you forget about it you buy at two or three times and then this is the cute item to. >> as you want to make your kitchenn attractive with colors and things like that you put this behind the door would be a great place you want to use every space you can behind a cabinet door it is great for any kitchen items or cleaning. >> it is wrong i said you keep your sponges and stuff in there because it will get nasty. >> this is a couple of our
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have a lot of space you want to make sure you have things that have a dual purpose it is nice and attractive but you can store items as well. >> right stuff from there. >> exactly. >> what is going on over here? s >> that is a dual purpose ottoman you can but magazines or use it as a footstool this is right next to sam's club. >> we have a little bit of everything. over 50,000 items in our store really we have something to match everybody style and budget as well. >> the kind of place when you call or you may notc be looking for something but y you will find something. >> more than likely you will
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>> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we take a look at the latest and greatest in bridal trends
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back in those out of our was one of the most widely read comics trucks strips in the 1930s now it is a tony award winning broadway production little orphan annie takes the stage and playhouse square and a mother and daughter team up to combine mexican and american flavors mexican and american combined looking good. thinking of the retrograde changing up your life a little bit. thankfully i was not compliant planning on plant planning on buying a car i i guess it is safe we will worry about this in the mercury retrograde. we will be say. >> don't forget if you are going
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tonight and pick up your tickets. right now, it is the one-stop shop for all of your bridal needs. your spending
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wedding and then on to mortgage lending at home it is always there and then the team by fashion as well as some the core this is a perfect example of how we are bringing you the outdoors end. if you have not seen itt as well as fears bringing the outdoors and with the word the flowers coming out of martini mixers and then glam
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different table sizes and shapes this is a perfect example of a king table instead of a traditional headed table.ab as well as hanging from ceilings. it could be an accident cover this is an example of a perfect setting bringing elements like natural wood with the color giving it a little bit of glam
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setting for all of the guests to enjoy couples often have the ceremonies at the reception venue maybe it is outside or insidee and ceremony set up is becoming a big thing that is your names on logo or just your personal message with each other. o with lots of discounts friends and family. bring everyone. some great ideas for the soon-to-be brides. today's bridal shows this weekend at the i accenture take 50 percent off by purchasing
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fox 50. making some of the best combinations you will ever find called bootylicious. >> my mom is the one and my grandmother was their inspiration. m it just was not me and i did not know i had it in me until i got hooked when we got started with friends and family it basically is a cupcake shop, but we c also include mexican flavors a lot of fruits and mangoes and guava and things with what our mexican hot
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cupcake in the very typical cupcake shop with mexican flavors very important for us to do that because we kind of wanted to set ourselves - - start the start aside from the typical on and then maybe have never tasted to have those tasted here at home with the flavors our most popular flavors would have to be candy bars we have a peanut butter brownie cup and as far as the mexican flavors that while quality the dumbing go in
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have also mexican pastries that everything is made here and made fresh. possibly in the near future way of this with the icy chocolate sauce and check in if we try and plan to do something like that with the cupcakes that would have pieces of the poblano pepperhe trying out to see how they like it. t saying that. be sure to check out updates and menu items to release sweet stuff. my sweet stuff when we return, and it
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it is one of the most commonly read comic strips now on a tony
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little bit more you're not only packed you are not only back in cleveland but you spend a lot of time here. cleveland is as much is my home as cleveland was it is good to be here. and great weather air to just the right time of week year. this is nice actually when i woke up this morning i looked at the window and saw the playhouse square sign how beautiful is playhouse square now? the downtown area is so gorgeous know it is beautiful just beautiful. they love being in the city and i
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ready for bed how is this rendition different or is it different at all? only in that respect the menu put it on is taken the heart putting it rightd back in the show be as accomplished that with the productionon. >> so there you are right there
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you are a man was so many
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singer a talented human being. once they started asking if a caller you sexy at all he blushed. he said i've got them. i've got them. what a big boys. amazing voice when you get to know him and he knows you are actually caring about things that matter to him he opens upin like you said. a wonderful guy. let's talk about miles new day. we are celebrating 100 years of magicc with your favorite disney characters. >> that i will be in the kitchen again something like chicken and
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spicy when it you know that? we're giving you a reason to head to the snow belt right here in northeast ohio. >> fun activities for the family with o great activities two. warming up look at that nice delicious vegetable soup. a 4:00 o'clock we are talking about the lotteries with the billion and a a billion and a half billion dollar pairir and taking that payment type of thing or they won want some? we will try that today. >> i have to go get my lottery ticket. t see you tonight at the tavern. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. more speed. more tv shows and movies on demand.
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